What is Vinyasa? 
Vinyasa yoga is a time tested combination of Ashtanga poses connected by one breath per movement. Sometimes we hold a pose for a few breaths to warm the muscles, chisel away any excess body mass and then reap the rewards of those burning muscles by stretching them even longer. In keeping with yogic beliefs to want less, live less excessively, so will the body reflect that thinking, as you will soon carry around on your body only what you need. And isn't that a refreshing feeling, to want less, need less and yet have more! Happiness, love, calmness, friends, smiles, and days on this planet! Sure, many of us come to yoga or any physical activity to improve our outward appearance. But the fact of the matter is, in yoga, we stay for the health of mind. Yes, you will lose weight. And you will do it by retraining your mind to react less, feel sensations more deeply and mindfully manage your stress. Therefore, no more excess!  The more you practice Vinyasa, the deeper you can tap into your digestive organs, the organs that keep you pumping, breathing and living lighter. It feels so good! When you practice deep breathing, your lungs take in more oxygen supply to your brain, you heat your blood to intensify your metabolism and you fire away disease. The heat that you build from a focus on breath also helps your muscles get longer, the joints more supple and the tendons and ligaments more pliable. Yes, today will be much different from tomorrow. By practicing at least 3 times per week, you and the people around you will notice that the changes are immediate and very apparent. Rid yourself of nasal congestion, upset stomach, sleepless nights, painful joints, headaches and frowns for good!  Vinyasa Yoga can help you build greater muscular strength and tone, increased flexibility, improved circulation and hormonal balance, as well as, creating a more focused, calm and meditative state of awareness.  

Yoga Souls offers a Basic Level class open to everyone with the focus of the class on foundation poses. We also offer an Open Level class that has less basic instruction and is more challenging for the seasoned yogi.

Please note: 
Vinyasa classes are not done in a room with forced heat. The room is usually warm from the previous class.


Twisted Tree Yoga Den

Moore Physical Therapy Facility

83 Harvard Ave.

Stamford Ct. 06902