Groupon Customers

Welcome to Yoga in Waves! Were excited to have you with us. Please take a moment and look over the following guidelines and FAQ'S. Most, if not all of your questions will be answered here. Only after you have read the guidelines and FAQ's should you contact us with any additional questions. Also, please take the time to read our studio etiquette page.

My Groupon is for Twisted Tree Yoga Den, not Yoga in Waves. Will you still honor my Groupon?

Yes! We are still honoring TTYD Groupons. 

Getting started

The first step is to activate your voucher. We require that you activate your voucher in person. You do not need to make a separate visit. You can activate your voucher the same day that you choose to take your first class. Please note, one voucher per person. The voucher is non transferable and cannot be shared. Bring your printed voucher or pull it up on your phone when you arrive. It's that simple! Enjoy your time with us!

Activation and Expiration

Your Groupon voucher expires 3 months from the date of purchase. You never loose the monetary value but you will no longer be able to take advantage of the promotional deal. You must activate your Groupon voucher with us before the expiration. Once you activate your voucher with us, you have 3 months to use your classes. Note, there are no extensions on expirations dates.


Yoga in Waves is located INSIDE of the Professional Physical Therapy Facility. PPT is located behind Rings End Paint. Look for the blue awning and c'mon in!


Why can't I sign up online? It keeps asking me for payment. 

If this happens, you have not successfully activated your voucher. Please read "Getting Started"

Can I use my voucher for any class at Yoga in Waves?

Your voucher is good for all classes EXCEPT  any workshops or special classes that may be added during your time with us.

I've never practiced yoga before. Do you have beginner classes?

Please read the descriptions under the "Yoga " tab for the class that best suits you.

We will continue to update this page and try to make your experience enjoyable and memorable.

If you haven't found the answers to your questions, please contact us at

Yoga in Waves

Professional Physical Therapy Facility

83 Harvard Ave.

Stamford Ct. 06902