Class Descriptions

Find a class that works for you:

Basic Level Vinyasa - Perfect for beginners, or those looking to get back to basics.

Sunrise Vinyasa - If you're an early bird, this class will get you ready for the day.

Meditation - The studio space is open to you for meditation.

Restorative - Unwind from your day with supported poses designed to destress and comfort.

Hot Vinyasa - The heat combined with the sequence of the postures is what makes Hot Vinyasa so special. The room is heated to warm muscles, which allows you to work deeper in a shorter amount of time, seeing results faster. Heat takes the trauma out of stretching, heals and helps prevent injuries. Yoga is not just about working muscles: you are massaging deep tissues, glands and organs as well. As you work deep within your body, you may start to release "poisons" or "toxins" that have been stored there a long time. Your skin is the largest organ of elimination in your body. Sweating helps flush toxins from your body, giving you a wonderful glow from head to toe.