Arrive Early

It's time to let go of your day and get centered. Getting to class early can help you settle and align your attitude with the purpose of the class (We understand that life can sometimes get in the way or you are just running late, but PLEASE be mindful as you enter the room and settle down quietly.)


Take your shoes off

Shoes are not allowed inside the studio


Sign in

Make sure you sign in at the desk before entering the class, even if you signed up online


Follow the teacher

Keep variations appropriate.  It's disrespectful to do your own thing. It's also disruptive. If there is something you feel you can't live without, ask the teacher to add it to the class (depending on the class) or please feel free to use the studio after class is over





Eat before class

Allow 2-3 hours after a meal for an active practice. You may have difficulty with many postures if your stomach is full.


Bring your cell phone into the studio

Even on vibrate


Converse in class

The few minutes before class are ideal for a short meditation and for setting an intention so refraining from chit-chat is not just good etiquette but also really beneficial for your state of mind.


Call it a workout

Yoga is an ancient system for well being where we learn to expand the conscious mind deep into the sub conscious mind, where we learn to live in harmony with nature and other people. It is a shift to your inner-most self and a way for you to see your true and divine nature.

Yoga in Waves

located inside Professional Physical Therapy Facility

83 Harvard Ave.

Stamford Ct. 06902